How to use bright colours in your home decorating?

Bright colours are coming back in style in interior decorating. In addition, we present schemes and suggestions on how to implement them.
If you do not feel confident with colours, start with light coloured decorations to see if you like them. Small details make instant changes and are an affordable solution and can be easily changed at any time.

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When talking about colours in the living room, you can use almost any colour. If you are bold, take a brush and paint the walls in your favourite colours. For example, brighten up a dark room with bright blue and orange. Unlike the living room, the bedroom, due to the size of the furniture, doesn’t take to well to warm tones. It is best to use cool tones in combination with a nice light fixture giving the effect of a nicely decorated and calm room at the same time.
For spaces you don’t spend much time in you can combine colours which are on the same side of the colour wheel, for e.g. pink and orange. It is said that these colours stimulate the senses, which is why they are used sparingly and only in rooms that are meant to leave an impression.

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And interesting colour combination is the blend of dark colours such as black, navy etc. with another bold colour such as yellow. The result is a space which is calming yet not boring at the same time. You can have several variations, for e.g. have dark coloured furniture and light decorations and walls and vice versa.


Still, we are often sceptical and afraid of doing too much and whether it will turn out ok. BUT there is a way of avoiding that. Make a palette of colours you would like to use and stick to it. You can’t go wrong that way. Your home will be decorated with style, be modern and tasteful.